How to easily de-wrinkle silk clothes?

Silk, dubbed the "queen of fibers", is loved by women for its smooth texture, soft feel and ability to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. However, the more comfortable the fabric, the higher its maintenance cost. If you wash the silk in an ordinary washing machine or use alkaline detergent, it will lose its original texture and wrinkle easily. What to do if your silk garment is wrinkled? This article will give you some tips.

  1. First, if you notice that your silk garment is wrinkled, hang it on a hanger. After some time outdoors, thanks to its shedding ability, the silk garment will naturally smooth and the wrinkles will decrease. You can also use hot water to lightly iron your silk garment. To do this, lay out the silk garment flat, then pour hot water (at a temperature that does not burn your hands) into a glass bottle. Roll the glass bottle on the silk garment, the creases will disappear.

  2. Using an iron is the easiest way to remove wrinkles from a silk garment. There are several types of irons, from flat irons to steam irons. We recommend using a steam iron, as it is less damaging to silk garments. When storing your silk garments, how do you avoid or reduce creases? First, if you must fold your silk garment, try to fold it neatly and store it flat.

  3. Then, if you have a wardrobe, hang your silk clothes inside rather than folding them. This will avoid creases on the silk garment. Finally, it is important to maintain and clean your silk garments regularly. When you clean them, it is recommended to take them to a dry cleaner, as home cleaning can easily wrinkle your silk garments when dried.

In summary, to avoid creases on your silk garments, hang them on a hanger, use hot water to lightly iron them, or use a steam iron. Also try storing your silk garments flat or hanging in a wardrobe to avoid creases. Finally, do not forget to clean them regularly with a dry cleaner to maintain their original texture. With these tips, you can enjoy your silk clothes for a long time while keeping them impeccable!

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