Our silk

Silk is an ancient and precious material whose main producing regions are China, India and Japan. In the classification of silk, there are such types as wild silk, castor silk, bamboo silk and domestic silkworm silk, among which domestic silkworm silk is most commonly used and relatively high quality. Excellent characteristics of silk include shine, softness, comfort and breathability, which is why it is often used in high-quality garments and homewares.

The process of producing silk requires several steps such as raising the silkworms, harvesting the mulberry leaves, cooking the mulberry leaves, and processing the silk. First of all, silkworms must be reared in an appropriate environment, and at each stage, from egg hatch to cocoon formation, different rearing environments and conditions are required. Then the mulberry leaves should be picked at the right time and cooked to extract the silk secreted by the silkworms. Finally, after several processing and weaving processes, a high quality silk fabric can be made.

We searched for high quality silk fabric from different regions in China. To find top quality silk, we looked at many potential suppliers across the country. We not only required suppliers to provide high quality raw materials, but also required them to have good production and production management practices to ensure we get the best silk fabric. During this process, we have invested a lot of time and energy in adjusting and optimizing our selection criteria to ensure that our products use high quality silk materials.

Eventually, we found an excellent silk raw material supplier in Jiangsu area of ​​China. This supplier has rich production experience and excellent production management, able to provide high quality silk raw materials. We have established a stable cooperative relationship with this supplier and continue to monitor and manage the supply chain to ensure that the quality of silk we obtain remains consistent.

Methods of distinguishing between real and fake silk include observation of color, tactile sensation, burning, and tensile strength. Genuine silk is shinier and softer to the touch than faux silk. If burned, genuine silk will smell like hair