Collection: Slip Dress

Silk bathrobes and silk dressing gowns are luxurious sleepwear that offers optimal comfort and an incomparable feeling of softness. Silk bathrobes come in a variety of styles, ranging from long, flowing bathrobes to short, fitted bathrobes. Silk dressing gowns are often lighter and airier, perfect for hot summer nights.

For a complete night set, it is possible to find nightie and bathrobe sets or nightie and silk kimono sets. These sets are perfect for special occasions, like birthdays or parties, or just to add a sense of luxury and comfort to your sleep routine.

Silk is a soft and smooth material that provides a comfortable and restorative sleep experience. Plus, silk bathrobes and dressing gowns are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making them ideal for people with allergies or skin sensitivities.

All in all, a silk bathrobe or silk dressing gown is an elegant and practical choice to add a touch of luxury to your sleep routine. With a babydoll and robe set or a silk babydoll and kimono set, you can create an even more comfortable and restorative sleeping experience.